Meat processing equipment

Danish manufacturers ATTEC offer high-quality equipment for the processing of pork, beef and lamb meat.

Pork. ATTEC has manufactured the only machine in the world that is able to process the pork middle automatically. The company provides slaughterhouses all over the world with automatic equipment from the first cut to the very last. By using effective equipment that guarantees improvements in yield and labor saving, this Danish manufacturer became the leading producer of automatic cutting solutions for the meat industry.

Beef. Deboning of beef is a traditional process that is not suited for automatic cutting. Therefore, ATTEC has come up with various different solutions to improve the processing of beef. Part of the product like are solutions for pre-cutting, deboning, traceability and control systems.

Lamb. Band saws have been traditionally used in primal cutting of lamb meat. However, this method puts the cutter in danger and is not as effective as it could be. ATTEC is the only manufacturer in the world that provides a different type of primal cutting solution to the lamb meat industry by using circular knife for primal and automatic cutting. Automatic machinery allows the company’s clients to perfectly cut lamb’s shoulders and middles while also saving labor costs.

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