Dosing and mixing equipment

The PCM pumps and systems offer maximum flexibility and minimization of losses due to their innovative design. The main components of perfect dosing are precision and flexibility.

There is a wide range of dosing solutions our clients can choose from. The main assets of these solutions are these:

  • The PCM dosing systems guarantee prime consumption of ingredients and are fully cleanable;
  • High flexibility;
  • Lower operating costs;
  • Effortless cleaning.

Lagoa Food Diaphragm Pump. The system is designed for dosing various products in food industry, as well as personal care industry. This pump’s fundamental component is a membrane that is connected to a piston. It successively fills and empties the pumphead by altering movements.

Food piston pump – PCM Dosys™. Its components are a patented rotary valve and a piston that is driven by a brushless electrical linear actuator.

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