Cheese plants, cheese moulds

SULBANA AG is a world leading supplier for equipment used in processing cheese and dairy products. Every product needs a special production system, therefore the company’s goal is to always develop solutions that are technically and economically outstanding. SERVI DORYL designs and manufactures moulds, block-moulds needed in cheese making.

Cheese plants:

  • SULBANA offers innovative solutions for the production of fresh mozzarella, including high hygiene standards, fully-automatic systems, machines with adjustable weight and integrated ball-forming components, newest technology in cooking-stretching, increased yield with lower water consumption, CIP design in all machines.
  • Semi-hard cheese production requires tailored production system. SULBANA offers cheese makers, pre-press vats and cheese vats, mould handling systems and washing machines.
  • Depending on clients’ requirements, the production of pizza cheese can handle the output of up to 6 t per hour.
  • Years of experience in large scale production of hard cheese guarantees high quality results. The company provides its partners with automatic machinery, including cheese moulding systems and washing machines.

Cheese moulds:

  • SERVI DORYL offers over 40 combinations of pattern and micro-perforation for a pressing mould. Each combination differs in pattern print and depth, as well as type and density of micro-perforation.
  • Regarding soft cheese, there are two types of moulding and draining: open and bottom system. There is a wide range of shapes available, therefore individual clients’ requirements can be met.

More information about cheese machinery and plants:
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