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Butter making equipment

High-quality, innovative butter making equipment from the world leading manufacturers of food processing plants, SPX FLOW.

  • Fully automatic and semi-automatic butter bulk packer has a compact design and is easy to maintain during daily operations. The packer can handle approximately 5-30 kg of butter.
  • Butter reworker is needed for continuous reworking of bulk products (e.g. butter) for further processing. Reworker minimizes the risk of moisture deprivation in products. A product’s composition can also be adjusted by injecting water, salt etc. during the process of reworking.
  • Butter unwrapper is used before reworking, melting and other downstream processes. Since there is no more need for manual lifting, employees are protected from injuries and the process of unwrapping becomes more easily managed.
  • Continuous butter making machine has a capacity ranging from 500 kg to 14,000 kg butter per hour.
  • Dynamic mixer is compact, thus requiring minimum production space. Equipment is easy to install and has hygienic design of the rotor which means that the important CIP process becomes more efficient.

Choose the finest butter making equipment from reliable manufacturers. Cooperating with its partners SPX FLOW, UAB “Linchema” aims to supply its clients with exclusively high quality products.

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