Equipment for small dairies

Manufacturers Coquard supply small dairies with dairy and cheese making equipment. There is wide range of equipment that small dairy owners can choose from:

  • Dairy processing and coagulation equipment (vats and bowls, plastic and stainless steel buckets etc.)
  • Packing equipment (automatic filling and packing machine, sets for fresh cheese, packagings for brousse and ricotta etc.)
  • Ripening and salting equipment (ripening cultures, penicillium, emulsifying salts etc.)
  • Washing equipment (central washing unit, foaming gun etc.)

By using the equipment manufactured by Coquard, you can process these products:

  • Yoghurt and fresh products
  • Fresh cheese
  • Lactic and soft cheese
  • Blue-veined cheese
  • Uncooked pressed cheese
  • Cooked cheese

Overall, more than 300 cheeses can be processed.