Pumps and valves

Years of experience and intensive product development have allowed SPX FLOW to offer a wide range of hygienic pumps and valves that match any processing requirements in such diverse industries like dairy and beverage, breweries, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

C-Series Centrifugal Pumps. These versatiles pumps are known for their great efficiency and competitive price. Pressure at sealing surface is reduced due to hydraulic balancing, which increases efficiency and makes pumps last longer.

APV SV and SVS Butterfly Valves. It’s a robust and reliable stop valve that can be actuated both manually and pneumatically. The design saves space and makes the product ideal for various applications. This flexible valve is easy to install and to maintain.

Visit our store to view a full range of pumps and valves. UAB “Linchema” takes care of their clients and only offers equipment from reliable suppliers!

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