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Equipment for food industry

Linchema is representing in Lithuania, provide sales products and service of SPX group‘s companies that design, engineer, manufacture and supply the equipment and plants for dairy, food and drink, biotech, chemical and other industries.

An SPX group companies equipment and plants for dairy, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries (,, other). Valves, pumps, heat exchangers, homogenizers, mixers, evaporators, spray dryers, membrane filtration plants, UHT plants, pasteurization plants, CIP units, yellow and specialty cheese plants, butter making machines, soya milk plants, whey processing, mayonnaise and ketchup plants, jam and comfiture plants, lactose plants, WPC plants.

Cheese moulds and block-moulds

Elements of membrane filtration plants

Linchema is representing, provide sales and service in all Baltic states a top quality filling machinery of Danish engineering and manufacturing company Primodan and lid closing systems from Primoreels.

Primodan filling machinery . Top quality, customized filling and sealing round-table machines: PRIMA, ROT-O-MIN, in-line filling machines, UF white cheese complete plants, dosing equipment, semi-manual filling units of Danish manufacturer – Primodan.
Primoreels lid closing systems Innovative lidding solutions and materials for cups closing.
Sales, supply and service of Primodan and Primoreels machinery in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.